Charcoal Candle L


Scented soy candle in large ceramic bowl

Poured in a handcrafted ceramic bowl, this chocolate scented candle celebrates perpetuity through never-ending curves that tangle in an apparently hectic composition. The smooth burning of the five wooden wicks create an intimate and relaxing ambient filled with the gourmand smell of chocolate.

For easy lighting of the candle, place the flame at the base of the wooden wick.

Designed to be re—purposed after candle is consumed.
Solely handmade, each item is unique. Variations in texture or colour may therefore occur.

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Ø 20 x H 8 cm

Composition & Care

Composition & Care

100% glazed stoneware filled with organic soy wax.
Essential oil scent / chocolate.

Burn time. ~ 48 hours

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

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